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How to find and select the right thing

The range of our online store is electronic versions of the books, videos and audio attachments by Sergey Lazarev. If you want to find the desired purchase the easiest way to do it is through our catalogue. All the goods are split into groups, their names seen as graphic images and a title in the top part of the window of your browser (for your convenience they are always visible). When you choose a group of goods, for example, “Books”, you will be taken to the page with the detailed catalogue of the books. Then, moving through the parts of the catalogue, you will get to the list of goods and a short description to them. In order to see detailed information about a certain item click on the image or title and you will be taken to the page with the description of the item.

How to register and why

You don’t need to register if you are just a visitor of the website, but you need it to make a purchase. We need some information about you in order to deliver your order and in order for you to be able to pay for it.

How we deliver your order

You will get the order sent to your email address, they are simple links through which you can download the desired item.

How we deliver your order
You will get the order sent to your email address, they are simple links through which you can download the desired item.

The step by step instruction on purchasing goods.
Step 1. Registration

In order to be able to make a purchase, you need to register at our shop. The process is simple and will take only 1 minute. In the top right corner find the 'Registration' link and click it. You will see the registration form. It is necessary to fill in all the fields marked with *. Please pay attention that after entering your e-mail you will see an "OK" sign. It validates the suitability of the e-mail address and that it hasn't been used here before.

Also, we recommend to pay attention to the tips under the fields for information input. They will prevent you from making a mistake while filling the form.

After filling in all the fields required, please push the "Create Account" button.

After the successful registration you will see the following information:

An activation letter with a link for the registration completion and activation of your account will be sent to your e-mail.

Now follow the link in the letter and your will be activated.

After following the link you will see a window, informing you that the Activation is complete

Congratulations! The Registration is complete!

Now to be able to enter your account and purchase at our shop you have to enter your login and password in the top right corner that you used for the registration and click “Sign in”.

Step 2. Choosing an item and adding it to the cart.

Just choose an item on the main page and press on the images of the catalogue (Books, Video, Audio) where all the goods of our shop are located.
After choosing the goods needed, they need to be added to the shopping cart. To do so, press the “Add to basket” button next to the item.
After that your items will be added to the cart. When filling of your shopping cart is complete, press the «show Basket" button.

Step 3. Forming the order

Now you can see all the contents of your shopping Basket and add new items. To finish your purchases and to proceed to forming the order, press the “Checkout” button.
If you won’t to continue purchases, click on the images of the catalogue (books, video, audio) on top.
Note: you can add to or remove from your shopping Basket any item. 

Step 4. Paying for the order

You will need to follow the sequence:

1. Check Your E-mail address

2. Choose a suitable payment method:


3. After choosing the suitable payment method, please push the "Pay" button.

Follow the instructions of the payment system.

Step 5. Getting the link to download the purchase.

You will get an e-mail with the links to download the purchase after your payment has been successfully processed. Just click on the links to start downloading onto your computer. To do so, choose "Save file" and push "OK" in the pop-up window.

Step 6. Personal account.

In your personal account you can review the status of your orders and download paid orders.

To browse through unpaid orders press the "Show all orders" button. To review and download the order, press "More". By doing so, you will get the information on your order. Here you can download your paid orders.

The downloaded items can be opened with any convenient viewing program. We recommend following players:




If you encountered any difficulties with one of the registration or ordering stages, please contact our support and we will help you!



#1 Biljana 2015-08-14 14:24
Dear Sirs,

In your on line shop, under section of English videos I bought this video “Čeština on-line seminář Serge Lazareva14 červen 2015«. It was written that it is in english. Transaction time and number of pay pal transaction is “Aug 14, 2015 03:01:28 PDT Transaction ID: 4SA54218LG74850 1Y«. The video that I got for download is in Czech language.
Please, I am asking you that you sent me English synchronisation version of it.

Thank you and kind regards.
Biljana Prinčič
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