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Sergey Lazarev

(Born on September 4 1952), parapsycologist, writer, practical philosopher, researcher of the laws of spiritual life and their impact on health and destiny.


Sergey Lazarev - author of numerous books on the spiritual path and Human Development (book series "Diagnosis of karma", "Man of the Future" and "The experience of survival"). For many years he has been studying the relationship between the state of the human soul and its destiny; he talks about how our actions impact on our health, our future and the future of our children. Ideas SN Lazarev formed in relation to life, defining the place of man in the universe.

Books, lectures and seminars SN Lazarev - a summary of more than 20 years of experience in the field of synthesis of science and religion, is the union of the important information that forms the universal system of knowledge.



Sergey Lazarev got involved in bioenergyinformatics in 1980-1981. He has been doing seminars, presentations and lectures in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities in Russia, as well as Germany, Israel and Ukraine since 1993.

In 1997 he graduated from the Russian State Pedagogical University of A.Herzen majoring in “technology and entrepreneurship”. At the same time he took an 11 month course to get a new profession of a “practical psychologist” in 1996-1997.


Lazarev is the author of “Diagnostics of karma” and “Man of the future”. 16 “Diagnostics of Karma” and 7 “Man of the future” books have been published since the beginning of the 90s. 6 books from the “Diagnostics of Karma” series, “First step into the future” and “Educating parents, volume 1” from the “Man of the future” series have been translated into German. Some of the books have been translated into Polish, Czech, Spanish, English and Bulgarian. There are also videos of the lections and seminars available.


  Lazarev S.N. interested in the relationship between the internal state of the human soul and its health and destiny, between the religious and moral state of humanity and the prospects of its existence in the modern world. In this area, he discovered a number of empirically consistent laws that allowed him to create a coherent philosophical and outlook and the system. This system is unique, in particular, that makes it possible to navigate in the world, and in specific situations, as the answers to the questions - who we are, where you came from and where we are going. 

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