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Frequently asked questions

1. I can’t register on the website, what should I do?

You have to fill out all the “necessary” fields that are marked with a star in the registration form.
For more info please read The step by step instruction on purchasing goods.
 Step 1. Registration

2. I can’t view the video of the seminar.

If you can’t view the video it might mean that your video player is out of date. Also it might mean that you don’t have the right video codes. Here the links to free downloads of KMplayer and Winamp players and K-Lite and Codec pack codes.

1. Kmplayer
2. Winamp
3. K-Lite Codec pack

3. There is no sound in the audio seminar, how can I fix it?

If you have problems with the sound it might mean that your audio player is out of date and we advise you change it. Here are the links to free audio player downloads:
1. Kmplayer
2. Winamp 

4. I can’t download the purchase as the “identificator is incorrect”. What should I do?

This could have happened due to different reasons, in any case you should email the support team.

5. The file won’t play the whole record, what should I do?

Try downloading one more time, if it fails again contact the support team.

6. What is the maximum downloading speed for the files from the online store?
The maximum speed is 1Gbit, the speed of the channel is determined by your provider.

7. How soon will I receive the link to download the purchased files?

Usually the link will get to your email instantly upon receipt of payment, however there can be a 10-15minute delay. If you don’t get the link in that period, contact the support team.

8. How can I find out the current state of my order?

You can track your orders by clicking on the “Manage the account” and then click “order status”. There can be two statuses: “pending” and “paid”.

9. When I click on “Checkout” I get taken to the Sign in page even though I have logged into my account. And this is repeated several times. What should I do?

Possibly the cookie file on your computer has been corrupted. Try doing the following: 1) close all the windows on your browser 2) in the browser settings delete all the cookie files that have the name in them

10. Where can I buy CD, DVD discs and printed editions of books?

You need to go to the Delivery section on our website and dial the corresponding number.

11. Who do I contact if I have a problem?
Don't worry, we're here to help! Our support team can be contacted by email
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or use our Contact form.
We will respond to your email within 1-2 working days.




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