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English Video The Movie «Picture of the Life»

The Movie «Picture of the Life»
The Movie «Picture of the Life»

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"We are always looking for the recipe of happiness and instructions for healing, not willing to put too much effort. But the man himself can change his life for the better. He just needs to provide such an opportunity - an opportunity to understand the laws of the Universe, the possibility of changing the worldview, and outlook, the possibility of changing his character, and  his emotions. "

You can watch a great movie about very different people with their difficult life situations and of the system of knowledge that they started applying. This is a film about a new outlook on life. The world will open for you in a new way. Here you will find the inspiration that seemed impossible before.

Sergey Lazarev - author of numerous books on the spiritual path and Human Development (series of books "Diagnostics of karma," "Man of the Future" and "The experience of survival"). For many years he has been studying the relationship between the state of the man’s soul and his destiny; he talks about how our actions impact our health, our future and the future of our children. Lazarev’s ideas formed into the system of relation to life that determines man's place in the Universe.

S.N.Lazarev’s books, lectures and seminars -  is a summary of more than 20 years of research experience in the field of synthesis of science and religion,  it is  a union of an important information, which forms  versatile system of knowledge.

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