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All books Experiences of Survival. Book 1 (Diagnostics of Karma part 2)

Experiences of Survival. Book 1 (Diagnostics of Karma part 2)
Experiences of Survival. Book 1 (Diagnostics of Karma part 2)

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Karma diagnostics (book 1) Experiences of Survival

The rays of sun illuminate sheets of paper lying in a stacked in front of me on the table. Some have printed text on them, other - handwritten. Each of them can fit a whole life.

Previously, the main content of the letters and notes were anguish, despair, unbearable suffering. Ruined, destroyed lifes, death of children and loved ones, incurable diseases. Those were premortal letters. Their main motive was the hope for a miracle, for getting rid of continuous misery. Lack of understanding, a sense of the injustice of fate, confusion of betrayal and humiliation by loved ones - not just letters but continuous pain.

Years passed, and the meaning of the letters has changed. Almost all of them are full of happiness finally found.

Not all people write about love and faith. But love and faith begin to gradually  and invisibly be present in every letter. Words such as "bad luck", "catastrophe", "betrayal", "despair" are almost gone. But there are other: "haven't succeeded yet", "have not yet managed to", "the beloved one let me down".

When you know who you are, where you came from and where you are going, then fear, anguish and despair gradually disappear. Life becomes a beautiful game, and the grand prize in this game is love. We receive this prize sometimes. Then, out of naivety and inability to keep, lose it, and then, having gone through trials and tribulations, acquire it again. And gradually our soul ceases to depend on the benefits that we used to worship.

Deep in thought I sort out the notes. It will be necessary to remove my name and patronymic, delete the names, so that there would be no reference to the identity to reduce the words of gratitude and praise to my address, not too get sweet illusions. But the texts themselves are better not to be touched.

Recently, an increasing number of notes that tell how the person has changed his or her character, overcame the disease. Sometimes there are just miracles. It will be necessary to keep only those letters, that deal with successive changes and overcoming of problems. Miracles better be set aside.

The main miracle is a change in character and worldview. If instead of hatred you managed to feel sorry for the offender, if you treat generously the loved one who unwittingly offended you - it is a real miracle. If it is more pleasant for you to give rather than take - this is also a miracle. For all this to happen, you need to put the soul in order. Only then will the soul experience love and will make people happy. And when the soul is healthy, then there is the future, then the fate flattens, and physical health come to normal state.

In recent memory emerges a conversation with a woman - I talked to her on the phone. It was a usual appointment, though at a distance. I do not see this woman, do not know who she is. But it's even better in this case because it is easier to identify the most important things.

- Please name your problem - I address to her.

- My child was diagnosed with mental retardation.

For a moment, I wonder whether it is necessary to inquire about the sex of the child. We first study what happens to the mother. By switching to the inner sight, I see the miserable situation: in the aura of the woman there is a possible death of the child. This child has no future, so he will live with minimal activity of consciousness, which is linked to the future. This can be blindness, deafness, mental retardation, cerebral palsy. But the one thing is clear - the disease must be incurable.

If doctors have cured the disease that, in fact, is the mechanism of salvation of the soul, the child would have died. A disease is always a consequence. If there is no future, there are two options - an incurable disease or death. However, there is a third way, for most, previously almost impossible. It is faith, love and voluntary salvation of the soul. But before saving the soul, you must first learn how not to kill it. And this woman had serious troubles with her soul: speaking my lingo, partial destruction of 7 layers of the soul. Love is difficult to be kept when the soul is in this state. There was enough energy for the woman to survive, but there is not enough for the child. It was surprising that he did not die at all, and it was clear that no medicine would cure it. So, anyway, what is was the problem that the woman had with her soul?



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